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Thursday, May 28, 2009

KL...here we come again~~

yes! we will be spending our weekend in KL this week...
already quite some times me & my dear stop visiting KL ... few mths i think hehe...

going to have a good night sleep tonight else won't have the full bar energy to shop whole day.... ^_^

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Support x2 again.... haihhh

After a whole week double support, i tought that this week will back to normal, but isn't so...
so tiring.... haihh.....

brother is getting ready to go back KL soon...left me alone in the house... so lonely... ~_~

looking forward for this weekend trip... although is not a long holiday break... at least to boost up my energy & motivation towards my job....!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Xiao Yee Bye Bye

just receive a call from little fabian....

"xiao yee" (a bit like shouting)
" long long biscuit" (which means the rocky chocolate biscuit)

according to my mum he spotted the biscuit in my room n giving signal to hv it hahaaa...

"xiao yee" (still shouting)
"bye bye"

10 minutes ago received a call from little fabian saying goodbye to me...it has been more than half yr he has been staying in pg... enjoying long holiday and kindergarden lifestyle, shopping trip haha...

will miss him so much... miss the way he 7171 (chor siao) & everything..

Fabian, be a good boy ya...xiao yee will go to visit u laa...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hot + Haze

These few days temperature has gone up, global warming is getting worse!!
my go-green house as usual, no aircond supply :P
lastnight even worse, like sleeping on a teppanyaki hot plate.... sweat =.='

This morning on the way to work the sky is covered with all the unknown haze... what happen to the lovely sky ~~~~~ help !!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hooray~~ today will be the last day of my 5-days full support in my team :P

As usual i'm still getting my morning-flu & keep on "ha-chiu".... (ahtut dun miss me too much yaaa) haha.. by this time guess that ahtut is still msleep on the flinstone hehe...

another weekend is coming but before that on friday night (tonight) i'll join my best cyber fren kopi angel to attend a seminar, hopefully we can gain some knowledge after attending laa..so today after lunch i'll need to prepare some food in my cubicle as we are going to skip our dinner for the seminar (too rush no time for dinner also).

lastly... wish me luck for a peaceful friday... less calls from user, less request from user, hehehehe....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



许愿是一个让自己希望的,想要的,期待的 等等 都一一实现, 当然不是守株待兔,是一个推动力, 为自己加油!!

要进步就不要一直往negative的一面想,千万不要一直活在悲观的思想里。。。因为这根本一点帮助都没有,只会让人消极, 渐渐的埋怨生活,没有了人生目标, 没有了生活的意义,

有挫折, 从中学习

失败了, 再站起来

不要问为什么我不能。。。为什么我没有。。。 应该问该怎样我才能。。。该怎样我才有。。。

千万不可以没有梦想,要不然为什么有人说: 人因梦想而伟大!!多多少少也有点道理的。。。


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smooth smooth week

This is suppose a normal work week but due to my teammate is off for 1 week training, this can make a big difference, support, answer calls will be a double job then... onhand tasks....

Pray for a smooth smooth week for me ^_^